Nirvana through Rebirth in the Stock Market after Foreclosure

Not all stock market sectors are the same. Take a look at our earlier publication “Rising Grain Prices Bond the US with China and Allies Alike”. Look at last month’s bills if you have kept them. You may wonder at how the Fed gets its inflation numbers! Grain prices, according to the futures market in Chicago, are headed due north.

Energy stock is another area with great potential this year. World Services Fuel Corporation (NYSE: INT) stock owners will remember this February 29 for more than a leap year. The stock climbed more than 16% on this rare day of 2008. How long will it take for housing to match that?

Foreign stock is a third area with great profit prospects. Any company that earns in Euros is in a strong position. Read about the BRIC block in our earlier publication “Iroquois Confederacy Fundamentals for National Financial Planning”. These countries have growth rates that the US has not seen for decades.

You cannot buy top property in lots. You cannot trade it in frequently either. That is the great thing with stock: company business performance must meet your needs all the time. There is so much choice on the stock market! Right stock picks can guide you through the worst interest rate hikes.

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