Iroquois Confederacy Fundamentals for National Financial Planning (Part 2)

Iroquois Confederacy Fundamentals for National Financial Planning (Part 1)
US corporations, citizens of the country, and the entire political establishment, with its subservient administration, all have common strategic pointers towards forging future-oriented links with the BRIC nations. The Iroquois perspective of forging ties with our descendents in view, gives entirely new hues to the Brazil, Russia, India, and China of this Millennium.

The natural biological and mineral resources owned by this block of countries, the enormous dimensions of their indigenous economies, and the possibilities of their common alignment inimical to our vital financial planning interests, are incontrovertible facts that stare in our national face. Consider any of the worries from which we suffer such as recession, inflation, material shortages, energy security, or jobs, and it will be apparent that the BRIC block is our highway to a healthy economy.

The Financial Planning Tutorial from the Iroquois for BRIC Bias

A clear vision of the best interests of coming generations, pragmatic acceptance of the real if humiliating aspects of an immediate and current situation, as well as a consensual approach to include benefits for all stakeholders, seem to have been the cornerstones of Iroquois collaboration with the building process of the modern dispensation of North America. Though unremitting persecution and social decay mark our reservations, the Iroquois dream of an egalitarian future may still be realized by coming generations of our Aleutian kin. Even if we do not reach such racial utopia anytime soon, a firm alignment with BRIC countries seems to be the best alternative to secure the future of our economy.

Researching material for this article has led us to the State Department. No one can deny our string of successes in Libya, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, or even Egypt, even if some of us are cynical about Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Is there some financial planning meat to go with the assertive grain of Rice? Can personal financial planning, corporations, and the economy do better if we put our country front and center? We have decided to doff our globalization hats for a while, and study what a ‘Made in USA’ campaign could do to protect us from recession. We hope to publish a piece on this matter in due course. Please bookmark this site or let us know, through our forum, if you would like an alert when this follow-up article is uploaded on these web pages.