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SM&A is based in Newport Beach, CA. Some of its most stunning business services are rendered all the way towards the other coast. A client was desperate for a contract from the defense sector. The client knows all about software, but it cannot list the multiple government bureaucrats who can buy the stuff. SM&A steps in and gets approval to use a standard electronic format. Suddenly, all government departments know of the great software. A senior defense department official has written to the client in deep appreciation of the stunning efforts to keep all his subordinates informed about the great software.

You will find other tales of fantastic achievements for clients who need to do business with the US government. Just visit the SM&A company web site. Just imagine how useful this business model will be when Iraq and other countries freed by our forces settle down.

SM&A has an April 2008 market capitalization of almost $100 million. Return on Average Equity has been a healthy 16.91% over the last four quarters. Savvy institutions own 62% of this precious stock. You should lose no time in climbing on board. The industry has other top picks as well. After all, the Washington market is sizeable and brooks neither recession nor inflation in its wars on terror and the like.