Business Lessons from Mobile Wars

Internet access literally at your finger tip is no longer a dream. Staying in touch when on the road has a whole new meaning since 2007. The business place has changed for ever. It is the stuff of all stock market dreams: streets full of delighted customers; the nearest competitor several laps behind; affordable customer costs with great profits to boot. How can we duplicate this roaring success?

You do not have to own a large capital corporation to taste great business results. It is true that the market place is full of uncertainties. However, that should not prevent you from crafting winning strategies. Technology is a pre-condition, but it is not enough without sound management. What can we learn from the iPhone phenomenon?

Here is one of our earlier publications, which has a hint of an answer: A Marketing Management Approach to the Stock Market

Business people, professionals, and young people with relatively high disposable incomes, are the potential customer segments which need mobile phones for more than telephone calls. What does this cluster expect? They cannot survive without repeatedly checking their emails. They love to surf the web even when waiting for a flight or a limousine. It is simply not done to be seen without music in the ears at all times. All this, and telephone calls as well, have to work with a touch screen: no dialing for them.

A new and even better iPhone will be ready even before the nearest competitor can match your current status symbol.