An Exclusive US Stock Market Opportunity

The present owners of Nuclear Fuel Services have stated that they are willing to hand over their secretive but presumably cash generating company, if the price and conditions are right. Do not expect any significant details about this company in the public stock market space, though it is reasonably safe to assume that their profitable operations are assured.

Nuclear Fuel Services keeps the Navy afloat and lurking under oceans as well. It goes, in fact, beyond supplying vital energy for aircraft carriers and submarines, for the US government also trusts it to reprocess spent material. Not everything this company does is for the Pentagon and other Washington powers, for it is happy, in equal measure, to supply technology and services for peaceful applications. Nuclear power plants anywhere can be customers of Nuclear Fuel Services.

The company has less than a thousand employees, and is situated in the picturesque environs of the Nolichucky River near Erwin. Though it has suffered from serious strike action, it has overcome the issue through an amicable and binding agreement with its workers. Similarly, it has encountered a chance leak of uranium, but enquiries by government inspectors showed that the company had responded correctly to the adverse incident, and that it had an excellent safety culture.

Stock market investors in the United States cannot ignore the spike in demand for nuclear fuel which will spin-off from the growing opposition to traditional fossil products from the Middle East and other emerging nations. The demand from the US Navy will not disappear all of a sudden either, so Nuclear Fuel Services is poised to provide steady and reasonably assured returns to its new owners. The strategic and secret nature of the company’s operations presumably excludes foreign investors. The management has affirmed that it will negotiate from a position of strength, and that it is willing to carry on as before if a suitable buyer does not emerge.