Adapt Your Financial Planning to Emerging Market Challenges Now

Time is running out. Our national pre-occupation with interest rates is misplaced. Sovereign Wealth Funds lurk behind the smoke-screen. The media is full of Microsoft and Yahoo. Who will spare thoughts for China, Kuwait, and Dubai? Singapore also has a Sovereign Wealth Fund. However, this city state can be relied upon to be entirely business-like. Kuwait is ruled by a single family. The Sovereign Wealth Funds of China are controlled by the State. Neither royalty nor communists think of the stock market as you and we.

We have covered this ground before. Take a look at: Free Funds Flow From Foreign Funds

Sovereign Wealth Finds have stock market effects beyond cash flows. Royalty and communists do not think alike. However, both share a tendency to inject non-economic issues into business. A US or an EU company effectively owned by Qatar will think of its home country interests. China may use its ownership of stocks and bonds to pile unseen pressures on our polity. You cannot change that. What you can do is to shuffle your stock portfolio.

We suggest the following:
Firstly, buy stocks of professionally run US and European corporations when they report losses and write-downs. Sovereign Wealth Funds will gun for these stocks. You can make large profits as a result. Secondly, fund your retirement financial planning through stocks of US and NATO defense contractors. Sovereign Wealth Funds will not be allowed to buy such stocks. These companies will continue to run on good old capitalist lines.

Sovereign Wealth Funds deserve close attention. They have been on the prowl for some time. Tomorrow could be too late to start adjusting to the new colonialism.