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  • Bull Markets

    A Bull Market is a medium to long term stock market trend characterized by rising share prices. Its counterpart is a Bear Market. While it is usually possible to know the market is in bull mode in real time, often it takes hindsight from the perspective of a market correction or crash to know that a bull market had occurred. For example, in the 1920s market prognosticators were quoted as ...

  • W

    Wall Street – Often used as a synonym for the financial markets and especially the stock market, Wall Street runs from Broadway to the East River in New York’s Lower Manhattan neighborhood. It is where you can find the New York Stock Exchange and is the nucleus of New York’s financial district. Wall Street itself […]

  • D

    Day Trading – Day Trading is the practice of buying and selling any of a variety of securities and closing all positions by the end of the trading day. Day traders can and do trade stocks, equity and commodity options and futures, and foreign currencies. Once strictly the province of investment bankers, day trading is […]

  • Value Investing

    An Investor’s Best Strategy: Value Investing Value Investing is seen by many as a form of “smart investing”, as it is in many ways the polar opposite of speculation and impulse buying (or selling). The reputation of value investing has been polished by its association with legendary investor Warren Buffett. Buffett, however, has refined the original concept of value investing from ...