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  • Trading

    You probably know someone who trades in stocks. They may be a day-trader, a long term investor, or someone who just dips their toe into the market from time to time. Perhaps this describes you! When it comes to trading Futures, however, you may draw a blank unless your career involves you in banking and investing.

  • Consumers

    The rightful domination of the stock market scene by Finance professionals tends to relegate the customer to the background. Executives provide good news of product acceptance to the stock market more readily than troubling leads on how consumer habits change and drift away from established brands. Indeed, such moves may be so subtle that even companies may be taken by surprise! The ...

  • Niche

    There is a popular conception that the stock market never forgives a quarter which is not way ahead of the same one last year! There is plenty of substance to these kinds of stock market expectations, but does it drive managements around the bend?

  • Trends in Stockmarkets

    Stock Market Trends in the Economy The stock market environment has experienced over a decade of market reforms in countries such as China, Russia, and India, which were excessively and bureaucratically regulated earlier. The effects of such sweeping liberal moves reach beyond national boundaries, since markets are now so inter-related. The best companies now list on more than one stock ...