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  • North America

    Arizona Stock Exchange

    The Arizona Stock Exchanged was closed in October 2001, primarily due to a lack of volume.Founded by Steve Wunsch in 1990 as Wunsch Auction Systems, the Arizona Stock Exchange (AZX) is an electronically enabled stock exchange. Its main function is that of carrying out eTrading after stock market house. Just two years after it was founded, the company headquarters were moved to Phoenix, ...

  • North America

    Chicago Board Options

    The Chicago Board Options Exchange, or CBOE for short, is one of the largest and oldest options exchanges in the world. First established in 1973, the CBOE mediates almost half a billion options contracts each year, involving over 50 stock indexes and 1200+ companies. The CBOE is one of the major national exchanges that call Chicago home, along with the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)and the ...

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    Futures, in the financial sense of the word, are closely related to Options but with one crucial difference: while Options contracts give their purchaser the right to buy or sell a certain commodity or security by or at a certain date, a Futures contract imbues the trader with the obligation to settle the contract. In this respect, futures contracts entail a certain level of urgency that ...

  • Futures


    Trading in futures may be tightly regulated these days, but such was not always the case. At several points in history, market forces combined with such human natures as hope, greed and panic, have inflated - and swiftly deflated so-called “bubbles”, with the deflation typically much more sudden than the extended build-up to the inevitable crash, or “burst” if we invoke the bubble metaphor.