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  • North America

    Chicago Stock Exchange

    Based in the third largest city in the United States, the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) operates as a national securities exchange and self-regulated organization under the oversight of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As an integral element of the National Market System, CHX offers competition to all U.S. equity markets and facilitates trading transactions in virtually all ...

  • Australasia

    South Pacific Exchange

    Companies such as FijiCare Insurance Limited, Foster’s Group Pacific Limited, Amalgamated Telecom Holding Limited, R B Patel Group Limited and Toyota Tsusho (South Seas) Limited are all companies that are listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange. The South Pacific Stock Exchange, or SPSE, is located on the Fiji Islands and aims to become the most prominent stock exchange in ...

  • South America

    Caracas Stock Exchange

    The Bolsa de Valores de Caracas (BVC) or as it is more commonly referred to, Caracas Stock Exchange is located in Caracas, Venezuela. It was first founded in 1947 but three decades later it amalgamated with its competitor to become the only securities exchange operating in Venezuela. The merged exchanges had 43 shareholders, which later increased to 63 members in 1995.

  • Europe

    Oslo Stock Exchange

    The Oslo Stock Exchange (OSX), also known as the Oslo Børs ASA, is the chief share trading market in Norway. Norway's stock exchange was introduced back in 1819 under the name of Christiana Børs. Although at first it did not have a listing or stock exchange, it was a gathering place for investors who would trade foreign currencies, ship shares, ships and commodities. In 1881 the Børs began ...

  • North America

    Trinidad Tobago Exchange

    The main stock exchange in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE). In the Caribbean region it is rated as the leading stock exchange catering specifically to the strong financial position of majority of the Trinidadian and Tobagonian companies. Its position as a member-state of CARICOM (Caribbean Community trade forum promoting economic ...

  • Europe

    Equiduct Trading

    Equiduct Trading is promoted as a pan-European exchange that, instead of acting as a link to various exchanges, operates as a single point of connectivity to all markets. Located in Berlin, Equiduct is an electronic trading platform with additional offices in London and Paris. Established in 2007, Equiduct Trading has its roots in the technology of Easdaq, the Nasdaq-owned electronic ...

  • Europe

    Macedonian Stock Exchange

    The Macedonian Stock Exchange was founded in 1995 as a place where securities could be traded from a central location. It started trading officially on 28 March 1996 and is Macedonia’s first organized stock exchange. When it was founded, the MSE was a non-profit joint stock company. It took only 500 000 Euros to start and current legislation prevented anything other than banks and other ...

  • Europe

    Prague Stock Exchange

    The Prague Stock Exchange (PSE) is the second biggest stock exchange in both Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Also known as the Burza cenných papíru Praha (BCPP) in the Czech language, the PSE serves as the Czech Republic’s main securities market organiser. The current PSE was only established in 1992 and started trading in 1993. However other forms of a Prague stock exchange were in ...

  • Asia

    Taiwan Stock Exchange

    The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation, or TSEC, is a completely automated stock exchange that was established in 1961, and continues to strive to ensure that it has the latest technology available, that the market remains competitive and that products are of high quality. Funded by a variety of state-owned companies and private enterprises, the Taiwan Stock Exchange ...

  • Asia

    India Stock Exchange

    The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is located in Mumbai and was set up in 1993 as India's first ever debt market. Recently the Department of Company Affairs has recognized the NSE as a Stock Exchange. The NSE is only one of a few exchanges in the world to trade all types of securities on one platform that is broken into three segments.

  • Investing


    There are two kinds of objectives in paying premiums for the flexibility to buy or to sell assets at fixed prices on pre-determined dates: one is to hedge on the average cost of a material used in a business over which a user company has no direct control, and the second is simply to gamble. Neither of these objectives is relevant for the average individual investor at the retail level in a ...

  • North America

    NYSE Amex

    Based in Manhattan, New York City, the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) was acquired by NYSE Euronext on January 17, 2008, with the objective of integrating it with Alternext European and branding it as NYSE Alternext U.S. However, in March 2009 the newly formed NYSE Alternext U.S. was rebranded to its current identity of NYSE Amex Equities as part of NYSE Euronext.