Date Last Updated: August 23, 2019

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    Retirement – Retirement refers to the point in a person’s life at which they stop working and, hopefully, begin to live off of their savings and investments. Retirement should be foremost in the minds of any new investors, no matter how young they may be. This is because the archetypical retirement savings strategy consists of […]

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    Balanced Funds – Balanced Funds are a type of Mutual Fund that seeks to provide a greater degree of security – and correspondingly less risk – than other kinds of mutual funds. Balanced Funds incorporate Bonds and other debt securities in their portfolios. The bond quotient tends to moderate any sudden decline in the fund’s […]

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    With the proliferation of new investment programs and federal regulations that encourage savings for business owners and employees alike, workplace investment advisors have gained popularity and are fueling radical changes in how retirement planning products are sold and how plans are funded.

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    “Money makes the world go round”. Have you heard this phrase before? Whether you like it or not, and whether you have it or not, money and finances play a significant role in the lives of everyone. Money is necessary for everyday living, but is also a commodity that shouldn't be wasted. That is why personal finance is of such great importance. Personal finance involves the application of ...

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    Investing 101

    It seems every day we’re bombarded with offers, enticements and pitches to get us to invest our money. It can become confusing, even disheartening after a while, especially for those just getting started in investing. One should remember that all of those companies who advertise investing strategies are businesses whose priority is to make money for them first and you, second. When it comes ...

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    College Funding

    Is College Planning Part of Your Personal Finance Objectives? College funding is one of the paramount long-term financial concerns of today’s parents, along with home savings and retirement planning. Saving can be difficult for any reason, even for a short term goal like a holiday vacation, so in the US government agencies have stepped in to provide parents and grandparents with an ...

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    Mutual Funds

    Mutual Funds are one of the most popular investment vehicles available to large and small investors today. Mutual funds provide an appealing combination of specific market focus, skilled active management and reduced risk compared to individual stock investing. It’s no wonder many small individual investors, often with the advice of their financial advisor, choose a varied portfolio of ...

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    To many who have just recently joined the workforce, retirement is a hazy term that doesn’t have much resonance with their daily lives. This is unfortunate, because now is precisely the time when one should be thinking about their retirement - or at least, planning for it. This doesn’t mean setting aside a pair of baggy shorts and looking for a Sunbelt condominium, of course, but think about ...

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    401(k) plan – A 401(k) plan (sometimes written “401-K”) is a type of retirement plan that in its most common variation is both employer-sponsored and participant-directed. Named for a relevant section of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, a 401(k) plan is tax-deferred and allows employees to divert a set monetary amount from their paychecks into […]