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  • Option

    Option swaps are more commonly known by the acronym “swaption”. The concept is relatively simple, in that by participating in a swaption, a trader has acquired the option to enter an interest rate swap. They key factor is that the trader is not obligated to enter into the swap, but he does have the right to do so should he so desire.

  • Strategies

    Once an investor decides to enter the options trading scene, they will need to exploit the various types of options trades to engender highest possible profits with the least downside risk. There are four kinds of options trades: Long Call, Long Put, Short Call and Short Put. By bringing the two standard stock trading strategies (Long and Short) into the mix, a number of options strategies ...

  • Ratios

    Business Management schools and courses in Finance may pay more obeisances to concepts of gearing, profitability, liquidity, and other information that ratios try to convey, than stock market players of today are willing to concede.

  • Proctor Gamble

    Not everyone in the stock market has shares of Proctor & Gamble, but few could have lived without buying and using some of this amazing company’s brands. Proctor & Gamble operates in both the developed world and in third world countries. Its deep and accumulated knowledge of various cultures is a special asset from the stock market perspective. The company has such a large number of its own ...

  • Employee Stock Options

    Employee Stock Options have received increased publicity in recent years that coincides with their burgeoning popularity as a form of corporate compensation. One of the basic theories supporting the payment of employee stock options in lieu of cash income is that such payments make employees “owners” of the company.

  • Settlements

    Futures differ from options in that options contracts provide the purchaser with the “option” of completing a transaction at a set price, while futures contracts oblige both parties to the transaction to settle the contract on the date of expiry. Naturally, this fact may cause people to wonder what they will do when a truckload of fresh pork bellies arrives at their front door, not to ...

  • Manufacturing

    The stock market may have become so enamored of computer related businesses and information technology, that some investors now neglect traditional manufacturing enterprises. Large physical assets, blue-collar employment, and multi-step production processes, which were once icons of the industrial revolution, are now looked down upon with scorn. Commercial realty has even replaced some ...

  • Travel

    Many stock market investors are also airline customers. Gleaming aircraft, the professional care of cabin crew, powerful brand building through advertising, and the modern convenience of crossing continents in hours, have all contributed to a glamorous image for all commercial airline companies. Frequent travel by business executives and vacation travel for families have become distinct ...