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    There are two kinds of objectives in paying premiums for the flexibility to buy or to sell assets at fixed prices on pre-determined dates: one is to hedge on the average cost of a material used in a business over which a user company has no direct control, and the second is simply to gamble. Neither of these objectives is relevant for the average individual investor at the retail level in a ...

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    Mutual Funds – Mutual Funds are a popular form of collective investment, in that money invested by a large pool of investors is deployed by a dedicated Fund Manager towards purchasing a select group of stocks and/or other related securities. Mutual funds may have a wide or narrow focus as far as the stocks in […]

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    Located in the country's capital city, the Amman Stock Exchange plays an integral role in the economy of Jordan. Jordan has been a bastion of free enterprise from its very birth as an independent country, and it is seen as an oasis of liberal secularism and is considered to be a worthwhile base for stock market operators with interests in the Middle East. Though Jordan does not have enormous ...

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    The truth is that the stock market is a basket of many different varieties of fruit! Stock Market Sectors do not move in concert. The best portfolios have their eggs in many baskets in terms of sectors. Most of us have domain expertise in one or a few related lines of business. However, that need not translate into the best investment behavior, because there are so many stock sectors out ...