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    The history of the Boston Stock Exchange (BSE) goes back to the 1830s, when local businessmen were looking for alternatives to invest the wealth they had accumulated through the insurance, banking and shipping industries. As the area developed, it was vital to raise more capital so that the region's businesses and other enterprises could be funded, and so it was that in 1834, the BSE was ...

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    Helsinki Stock Exchange

    Located in Helsinki in Finland, the Helsinki Stock Exchange saw its first transaction take place in 1912. For many years this stock exchange, known as Helsingin Pörssi in Finnish, was run as a ‘free form’ financial institution. However in 1984 it was converted into a cooperative and came under the joint ownership of a variety of banks, traders, companies and associations. The next big change ...

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    Omx Stock Exchanges

    OMX Exchanges is a huge securities market active in Northern Europe. OMX owns exchanges right through the Nordic and Baltic region and is also dedicated to providing services as well as technology to securities industry companies worldwide. OMX Technology is a world leader in the field of financial instruments trading systems. Established in 2003 when OM and HEX merged, OMX provides market ...

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    NASDAQ – “NASDAQ” stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, an electronic stock exchange established by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) in 1971. The NASDAQ has over 3,200 companies as members and is by far the largest screen-based equity securities market in the USA. The NASDAQ is known for being […]

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    Employee Stock Options – Employee Stock Options are a popular way for employers to compensate their workers, chiefly upper management, by inculcating in them a desire to work towards the company’s prosperity. Equity Financing – Equity Financing refers to the practice of issuing shares of stock in order to raise money for a business purpose. […]

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    Dubai Stock Exchange

    Created on August 6, 2007, to consolidate the Dubai Financial Market and NASDAQ Dubai, the Borse Dubai is a stock exchange located in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. This consolidation was undertaken with a view to strengthening Dubai's position as a capital market center with global influence. In September of that same year, Borse Dubai secured 28 percent of the London Stock ...

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    Nasdaq Exchange

    Based in New York City, the NASDAQ Stock Market, referred to simply as NASDAQ, is owned by the NASDAQ OMX Group. NASDAQ has more than 3,200 companies and corporations listed, of which 335 are non-U.S. companies, representing all industry sectors from 35 countries. Through the NASDAQ Global Platform Select Market, companies throughout the world have access to U.S. capital formation, thereby ...

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    Google has become a generic term for searching for something on the world-wide web, regardless of which search engine you may be using. In 2006, both the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary added the word "google" as a verb. Certainly, no-one can deny the enormous impact that Google has made, and continues to make, on the fast-paced world of technology ...

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    Microsoft certainly doesn't need any introduction to computer users around the world. Listed as a public company on both NASDAQ (MSFT) and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (0388), Microsoft was founded in 1975, with its initial public offering (IPO) of stock being made in 1986. The subsequent meteoric rise in Microsoft's stock price is reputed to have resulted in four of its employees reaching ...

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    Exchange traded funds, or ETFs for short, are investment funds that trade as shares on major stock exchanges. There are many different kinds of ETFs; some specializing in commodity sectors like oil or gold and others acting as tradable replicas of stock market indices like the NASDAQ or S&P 500. For many investors, large and small, it’s much easier to buy shares in an ETF modeled after the ...