Tag: marketing

  • Playboy

    There is no need to feel shy about holding this stock! Entertainment is serious business, and entirely legitimate from a U.S. stock market view point. Playboy is a pragmatic organization, and has shown the flexibility and resilience to adapt to evolving customer needs. It is therefore as loved by large segments of today’s readers and customers, as it was when the founder was a younger ...

  • Mc Donalds

    Many stock market quarters love to hate companies like McDonalds because we cannot resist their delicious products if no one is looking! But there is much for stock market investors to admire in this company, and we can all learn to manage our own ventures better by studying the way McDonald's does things.

  • Altria

    There are U.S. stock market members who match the most elite troops in the nation’s Armed Forces. These companies take every adversity in their stride, and overcome obstacles to growth and profit which would cripple other organizations. Never deterred by difficult operating circumstances, such companies use their resources to turn threats in to opportunities.

  • Monsanto

    No other company on the stock market can match the biotechnology record of Monsanto in agriculture. There have been exciting inventions by other companies and by laboratories, but no one else has Monsanto’s record of turning blue sky research in to commercial success for the stock market. Farmers all over the world have benefited in large measure from the products and services of this ...

  • Consumer Goods

    Every stock market investor is also a consumer. Each of us makes purchase decisions for goods and services, almost every day. Most brand categories are affected by influencers and sellers, apart from direct consumers. Consumer behavior is at the heart of Marketing as a business function. The stock market community has only relatively vague and rather subjective ways of knowing about the ...

  • Management

    The spread of management science marks the 20th century. Finance has always been a key element of every organization, but attention to additional functional disciplines such as marketing and human resources, is a relatively new phenomenon. A number of techniques and concepts have been developed by stock market management thinkers and pioneers, which make for more systematic investing on ...

  • Nike

    Established in January of 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in Oregon, United States of America, Nike has grown into and International company represented in 170 countries, with over 30,000 employees, and owning a dozen brands.