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    San Diego Exchange

    The beautiful state of California in the United States is often thought of as a place of sun and sand or of beautiful snow-covered peaks. It is, in many respects, the nations playground and it enjoys a thriving economy. When it comes to business, the people of California certainly don’t take life lying down and the San Diego Stock Exchange is the state’s main avenue of stock and bond ...

  • Management


    Human Resources constitute a unique asset, because unlike money and physical units, you cannot turn it up at will, even with better prices! There is a widespread notion in some stock market circles that better pay can bring in top management talent in droves. Perhaps this used to be the case decades ago, but extended economic growth in all sizeable markets can changed the demand supply ...

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    The stock market may have become so enamored of computer related businesses and information technology, that some investors now neglect traditional manufacturing enterprises. Large physical assets, blue-collar employment, and multi-step production processes, which were once icons of the industrial revolution, are now looked down upon with scorn. Commercial realty has even replaced some ...