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  • Mergers Acquisitions

    Are we blinded by the publicity blitz which hits the stock market whenever there is some Merger and Acquisition activity? When did you last see a Net Present Value comparison of acquisition versus an organic growth alternative? Could the objectives of acquisition have been met through a strategic partnership? Has an executive team or a promoter taken off on an ego trip with your money?

  • Hitachi

    Stock market impressions of Hitachi vary more than normal for most other companies. This could be because of the very different shares the company commands in its various business lines. It is a clear leader in many heavy industries, and highly respected by its industrial clients. However, the consumer business is rather different, and Hitachi's technical product features do not always find ...

  • Altria

    There are U.S. stock market members who match the most elite troops in the nation’s Armed Forces. These companies take every adversity in their stride, and overcome obstacles to growth and profit which would cripple other organizations. Never deterred by difficult operating circumstances, such companies use their resources to turn threats in to opportunities.

  • Investment Portfolios

    Stock market investors often place faith in business plans made by established business houses, which they may not have supported from a new and independent entity. Segment-wise financial reporting requirements do not always tell full and true stories about contributions from new ventures supported by the vast resource infrastructures of large corporations. We do know that many brand ...

  • Niche

    There is a popular conception that the stock market never forgives a quarter which is not way ahead of the same one last year! There is plenty of substance to these kinds of stock market expectations, but does it drive managements around the bend?

  • Communication

    What a Mission Statement Means for Stock Market InvestorsA Mission Statement may seem simple and mundane for an outsider after it is done, but it calls for consummate skill to sum up the core values of an organization and its purpose. Top stock market operators always make it a point to study the Mission Statements of companies in which they have strategic investments. It is easy for ...

  • Travel

    Many stock market investors are also airline customers. Gleaming aircraft, the professional care of cabin crew, powerful brand building through advertising, and the modern convenience of crossing continents in hours, have all contributed to a glamorous image for all commercial airline companies. Frequent travel by business executives and vacation travel for families have become distinct ...

  • Management

    The spread of management science marks the 20th century. Finance has always been a key element of every organization, but attention to additional functional disciplines such as marketing and human resources, is a relatively new phenomenon. A number of techniques and concepts have been developed by stock market management thinkers and pioneers, which make for more systematic investing on ...

  • Strategies

    Business is War!Strategy is essentially a military concept, and competition may not be violent, but it can be as fierce in its own way, with strife between warring sides! The struggle to gain and hold a customer’s mind is the highest peak to climb, and market share is such a passion that many companies lose money over it.