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    Bursa Malaysia

    The Bursa Malaysia or as it is better known as the Malaysia Exchange (MYX), previously called the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange goes back to 1930. It was that year that the Singapore Stockbrokers’ Association was set up as a formal organisation dealing specifically with securities in Malaya. Several years later it was registered again as the Malayan Stockbrokers’ Association, but it still did ...

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    Kuala Lumpur Exchange

    Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange no longer exists. Please refer to MYX - Malaysian ExchangeThe Bursa Malaysia or as it is also known, Malaysia Exchange (MYX) was known in the 1930s as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange when the Singapore Stockbrokers' Association was formed dealing with securities in Malaya. Seven years later it was registered again but as the Malayan Stockbrokers' Association, but ...

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    ASEAN stands for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, a pan-regional association founded in 1967 with the aim of supporting economic, social and cultural development among its members and throughout the Southeast Asian region as a whole. The organization began with five founding members: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand but has grown over the past 40 years ...