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    London Metal Exchange

    Though Dubai has started attempts to educate investors, no stock market can match the London Metal Exchange (LME) in terms of helping investors deal with futures in the materials in which it is involved. Steel and plastics are the two major materials in which the LME has started innovative training and information services. However, the roots of the LME, which stretch back to the 16th ...

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    London Stock Exchange

    The London Stock Exchange was first founded in 1801 and is currently set up in London, England. Today it is considered to be one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and has many UK companies and overseas listings. Trade in shares was first realized when two voyages needed to be financed: The East India Company voyage to India and the east, and the Muscovy Company's attempt to reach ...

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    Borsa Italiana

    Borsa Italiana S.p.A. is the main stock exchange in Italy. In 2007 Borsa Italiana was aquired by the London Stock Exchange (LSE), with daily operation remaining essentially unchanged. Situated in Milan its chief goal is to develop managed markets as well as maximizing their own transparency, liquidity and competitiveness whilst creating high levels of profitability. As the organization ...

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    Futures Stock Exchange

    Today’s futures trading houses, also known as Exchanges, are in many respects the modern versions of marketplaces where farmers would try and secure buyers for their crops before harvesting. Finding buyers for commodities to be delivered at some future date has become a critical part of our economic system, and specialized futures exchanges have been established to provide a safe, secure ...

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    Promoting itself as the "world’s local bank", HSBC has its headquarters in London, with an international network including 8,500 offices in 86 countries and territories in Europe, the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa. More than 220,000 shareholders located in 119 countries and territories hold HSBC Holdings' shares, which are listed on stock exchanges in London, ...

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    British Airways

    Established back in 1974 after the merger of British European Airways Corporation and British Overseas Airways Corporation, British Airways (BA) is the UK’s largest airline headquartered in Waterside. The company was privatized in February of 1987. Providing service to some 150 destinations, British Airways has more than 240 aircraft in its fleet and is easily recognized worldwide.