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    There are two kinds of objectives in paying premiums for the flexibility to buy or to sell assets at fixed prices on pre-determined dates: one is to hedge on the average cost of a material used in a business over which a user company has no direct control, and the second is simply to gamble. Neither of these objectives is relevant for the average individual investor at the retail level in a ...

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    Once an investor decides to enter the options trading scene, they will need to exploit the various types of options trades to engender highest possible profits with the least downside risk. There are four kinds of options trades: Long Call, Long Put, Short Call and Short Put. By bringing the two standard stock trading strategies (Long and Short) into the mix, a number of options strategies ...

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    National Stock Exchange

    With offices in both Jersey City and Chicago, the National Stock Exchange (NSX) is regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Additionally, the NSX tracks all trading conducted on the exchange by means of systemic controls and automated daily surveillance. NSX views compliance with its own rules and federal securities laws as being essential to investor confidence and ...

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    Value Investing

    An Investor’s Best Strategy: Value InvestingValue Investing is seen by many as a form of “smart investing”, as it is in many ways the polar opposite of speculation and impulse buying (or selling). The reputation of value investing has been polished by its association with legendary investor Warren Buffett. Buffett, however, has refined the original concept of value investing from ...

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    Commodities and Futures trading is a crucially important part of our modern economic system, on a par with the trading of stocks and bonds. Let’s look at Commodities first. Commodities are products that are produced in a standardized format, like bushels of wheat or barrels of oil, and are traded on the basis of their price. The fact that the market price for commodities varies due to a host ...

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    Every company listed on a stock market has a role in the daily life of the nation in which it operates. The financial impact of a company on a stock market is only a fraction of that which it has on society at large. Stock market investors, who commit funds to companies for the long term, need to take note of the multi-faceted dimensions of businesses.

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    Consumer Goods

    Every stock market investor is also a consumer. Each of us makes purchase decisions for goods and services, almost every day. Most brand categories are affected by influencers and sellers, apart from direct consumers. Consumer behavior is at the heart of Marketing as a business function. The stock market community has only relatively vague and rather subjective ways of knowing about the ...