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    Prague Stock Exchange

    The Prague Stock Exchange (PSE) is the second biggest stock exchange in both Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Also known as the Burza cenných papíru Praha (BCPP) in the Czech language, the PSE serves as the Czech Republic’s main securities market organiser. The current PSE was only established in 1992 and started trading in 1993. However other forms of a Prague stock exchange were in ...

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    Deutsche Borse

    The Deutsche Borse or German Exchange has a its subsidiaries the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Xetra, Clearstream and Eurex, which is a joint venture with the Swiss Exchange (SWX) and is managed with the efficiency which has become a hallmark of the German people. Financial institutions, individuals, and listed companies are able to trade and to transact business in all the modes which ...

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    Retirement – Retirement refers to the point in a person’s life at which they stop working and, hopefully, begin to live off of their savings and investments. Retirement should be foremost in the minds of any new investors, no matter how young they may be. This is because the archetypical retirement savings strategy consists of […]

  • Personal Finance

    “Money makes the world go round”. Have you heard this phrase before? Whether you like it or not, and whether you have it or not, money and finances play a significant role in the lives of everyone. Money is necessary for everyday living, but is also a commodity that shouldn't be wasted. That is why personal finance is of such great importance. Personal finance involves the application of ...

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    Bonds are one of the most popular types of debt securities. Bonds are issued by companies and governments, the most notable example of which is Treasury Bonds issued by the US government. In fact, the very first securities traded in the United States were bonds issued in 1790 to raise funds to pay down debts incurred by the newly formed government during the Revolutionary War.

  • Sectors

    The truth is that the stock market is a basket of many different varieties of fruit! Stock Market Sectors do not move in concert. The best portfolios have their eggs in many baskets in terms of sectors. Most of us have domain expertise in one or a few related lines of business. However, that need not translate into the best investment behavior, because there are so many stock sectors out ...

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    Have you ever kicked yourself for not picking a stock market champion in time? Well, you are far from alone if this has been the case, for it is frustratingly common to miss great value appreciation opportunities! Fear of failure keeps the stock market sitting on the fence, instead of plunging headlong in to new avenues to profit. Reports and actual experience of ideas that sound good, but ...