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  • Europe

    Helsinki Stock Exchange

    Located in Helsinki in Finland, the Helsinki Stock Exchange saw its first transaction take place in 1912. For many years this stock exchange, known as Helsingin Pörssi in Finnish, was run as a ‘free form’ financial institution. However in 1984 it was converted into a cooperative and came under the joint ownership of a variety of banks, traders, companies and associations. The next big change ...

  • Currencies


    “FOREX” is an acronym for Foreign Exchange Trading; the practice of buying and selling foreign currency on the world’s many foreign exchange markets. Many people will be surprised to know that the FOREX market is by far the largest financial trading market in the world. Based on the total cash value of all trades, over $1.9 trillion is traded every day on global FOREX markets.

  • Investing

    Equity Swaps

    An equity swap is conducted by two parties with the intent usually being to save costs on a transaction. These costs may be in the form of basic taxes, or other costs associated with the transaction such as locally based dividend taxes. Another reason for companies, specifically those in the US, to engage in equity swaps is to increase the amount of market leverage a trader can exert, which ...

  • Europe

    Warsaw Stock Exchange

    Situated in Warsaw, Poland, the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) began operating in its present form in 1991. Also known as the Gielda Papierów Wartosciowych w Warszawie SA (GPW) in Polish, the WSE is the largest stock exchange in both Central Europe and Eastern Europe. The Warsaw Stock Exchange is essentially a joint-stock company which was created by the State Treasury and has 38 different ...

  • Europe

    Irish Stock Exchange

    The very first exchange that was opened in Dublin was established in the year 1793. Today, the Irish Stock Exchange is a major infrastructure in the financial sector of Ireland. The Irish Stock Exchange, also known as the ISE, deals with a vast range of securities that include covered warrants, equities, government bonds, corporate bonds, exchange traded funds, specialist ...

  • Asia

    Philippine Stock Exchange

    The Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) is the primary stock exchange in the Philippines and is also considered as one of the main stock exchanges in Southeast Asia. The PSE was Asia's first stock exchange, formed in 1927, and is also the longest continually operating exchange. The Philippine Stock Exchange has two trading floors, one at its headquarters in Pasig City and the other in Makati ...

  • Glossary


    Mutual Funds – Mutual Funds are a popular form of collective investment, in that money invested by a large pool of investors is deployed by a dedicated Fund Manager towards purchasing a select group of stocks and/or other related securities. Mutual funds may have a wide or narrow focus as far as the stocks in […]

  • South America

    Mexican Stock Exchange

    The Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, also referred to as BMV or the Mexican Stock Exchange, is the chief stock exchange in Mexico. Located in Mexico City at Paseo de la Reforma, BMV is a private limited company. Shareholders of Mexico's stock exchange are all brokerage firms. BMV trades in debt instruments such as CETES (Federal Treasury Certificates); investment unit bonds, BONDES (federal ...

  • Glossary


    Employee Stock Options – Employee Stock Options are a popular way for employers to compensate their workers, chiefly upper management, by inculcating in them a desire to work towards the company’s prosperity. Equity Financing – Equity Financing refers to the practice of issuing shares of stock in order to raise money for a business purpose. […]

  • South America

    Lima Stock Exchange

    The Lima Stock Exchange, also known as Bolsa de Valores de Lima S.A., has its roots in the 19th century commerce court known as the Tribunal del Consulado. This court played an important role in the creation of the country’s Commerce Exchange and so was essentially where it all started. However, the actual establishment of Bolsa de Valores only occurred on 31 December 1860 and operations ...

  • Europe

    Luxembourg Stock Exchange

    The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg may be small, but it has the distinction of being the wealthiest nation in the world on a per capita basis. Bordered by France, Germany and Belgium, this landlocked state has enjoyed a very good political, economic and social environment for many years. Such a stable economic and political environment has resulted in excellent trade relations with other ...

  • Europe

    Hungarian Stock Exchange

    Refer to Budapest Stock Exchange.Though no one can blame citizens for the mess, Hungary’s fortunes dwindled for many years under the shadow of the former Soviet Union. However, the country has lost little time after being freed of the cruel grip of Moscow, and continues to rise to brighter heights in the firmament of Europe by the day. Hungary has been a democracy for over a decade, and ...