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    Barclays has a strong customer base of almost 20 million accounts. It enjoys adequate infrastructure in technology, and is well poised to take off from its strong platform. The UK market is highly competitive and sophisticated, so stock market circles expect Barclays to make rapid strides abroad once it moves in this direction decisively.

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    Very few companies come even close to Intel’s ability to make silicon chips with imprints of integrated circuits. The company upgrades its technology with dazzling rapidity. It is far ahead of the competition, and appears poised to stay that way!

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    Amazon.com will always be a star in the history of the stock market evolution. The very audacity of this company's business model is its greatest source of strength. Some veterans are almost wistful as they recall the days when one had to step out to browse through books to buy them. However, Amazon.com does not detract in any substantial way from a shopping experience. On the contrary, it ...

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    Google has become a generic term for searching for something on the world-wide web, regardless of which search engine you may be using. In 2006, both the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary added the word "google" as a verb. Certainly, no-one can deny the enormous impact that Google has made, and continues to make, on the fast-paced world of technology ...

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    The rightful domination of the stock market scene by Finance professionals tends to relegate the customer to the background. Executives provide good news of product acceptance to the stock market more readily than troubling leads on how consumer habits change and drift away from established brands. Indeed, such moves may be so subtle that even companies may be taken by surprise! The ...

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    The stock market community is generally suspicious of rash statements, but Telecommunication majors have the dubious distinction of getting the better of the most conservative financial circles with some glib talk! The number of subscribers is a much touted statistic, but reflection will show that indeterminate numbers of these do not yield any critical mass of recurring revenue. There can ...

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    Why do some initiatives fail to make the stock market grade, while apparently similar ones enjoy unprecedented successes? Experts say that information technology is different in key respects from dotcoms, but lay people may be forgiven for wondering why some computer and Internet use is so profitable, while others seem to have no commercial application whatsoever. Why could the dotcoms not ...

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    Banking - Backbone of the EconomyWhile the definition of a bank may vary from country to country, it is generally defined as a financial institution engaged in banking activities, including accepting deposits, honoring checks drawn against clients' funds, and offering investment funds and loans (which are channeled from the deposits accepted). Moving with the times and technology, the ...

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    Established in January of 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in Oregon, United States of America, Nike has grown into and International company represented in 170 countries, with over 30,000 employees, and owning a dozen brands.