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  • North America

    San Diego Exchange

    The beautiful state of California in the United States is often thought of as a place of sun and sand or of beautiful snow-covered peaks. It is, in many respects, the nations playground and it enjoys a thriving economy. When it comes to business, the people of California certainly don’t take life lying down and the San Diego Stock Exchange is the state’s main avenue of stock and bond ...

  • Asia

    Hongkong Stock Exchange

    The Hong Kong Stock Market (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, or HKEx) has never had easy pickings! The territory has always functioned as a satellite of a major power, and this continues to be the case. However, adversity has built the Hong Kong stock market character, and it thrives through sheer excellence in its investing and trading conditions. It specializes in international ...

  • Europe

    Hungarian Stock Exchange

    Refer to Budapest Stock Exchange.Though no one can blame citizens for the mess, Hungary’s fortunes dwindled for many years under the shadow of the former Soviet Union. However, the country has lost little time after being freed of the cruel grip of Moscow, and continues to rise to brighter heights in the firmament of Europe by the day. Hungary has been a democracy for over a decade, and ...

  • Asia

    Lahore Stock Exchange

    The Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited was first formed in October 1970 under the Securities and Exchange Ordinance of the Pakistan Government in an attempt to respond to the needs of the provincial metropolis of Punjab. It first started off with a total of 83 members situated in a rented building on Bank Square in Lahore. Since then the number of members has increased to 152 over the ...

  • Europe

    Athens Stock Exchange

    The Athens Exchange, also known as the Athens Stock Exchange or ATHEX, is operated and managed by a council that consists of the Athens Exchange vice president and chairman, and one representative from each of the following: Bank of Greece, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, listed companies, investment funds and brokers’ corporations. Becoming a member of the Athens ...

  • Strategies


    It is not uncommon in stock market circles to hear murmurs of protest about company executives spending time and money on Association activities. Industry bodies do not produce tangible or direct results every quarter! It is true that significant resources can be lost in doing work for an Association on individual company time, and perhaps all members may not contribute in equal measure, ...

  • Companies


    Stock market impressions of Hitachi vary more than normal for most other companies. This could be because of the very different shares the company commands in its various business lines. It is a clear leader in many heavy industries, and highly respected by its industrial clients. However, the consumer business is rather different, and Hitachi's technical product features do not always find ...

  • Companies

    Coca Cola

    Best known for its brand leading product, Coca-Cola, the Coca-Cola Company is indisputably the largest beverage company in the world, offering close to 400 brands and 3,000 different beverage types, sold in more than 200 countries and territories. It is estimated that approximately 1.6 billion servings of the Coca-Cola Company's products are consumed world-wide each day.

  • Sectors


    The stock market may have become so enamored of computer related businesses and information technology, that some investors now neglect traditional manufacturing enterprises. Large physical assets, blue-collar employment, and multi-step production processes, which were once icons of the industrial revolution, are now looked down upon with scorn. Commercial realty has even replaced some ...

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    There is a popular conception that the stock market never forgives a quarter which is not way ahead of the same one last year! There is plenty of substance to these kinds of stock market expectations, but does it drive managements around the bend?