Date Last Updated: August 22, 2019

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  • Asia

    Bursa Malaysia

    The Bursa Malaysia or as it is better known as the Malaysia Exchange (MYX), previously called the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange goes back to 1930. It was that year that the Singapore Stockbrokers’ Association was set up as a formal organisation dealing specifically with securities in Malaya. Several years later it was registered again as the Malayan Stockbrokers’ Association, but it still did ...

  • Asia

    Kuala Lumpur Exchange

    Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange no longer exists. Please refer to MYX - Malaysian Exchange The Bursa Malaysia or as it is also known, Malaysia Exchange (MYX) was known in the 1930s as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange when the Singapore Stockbrokers' Association was formed dealing with securities in Malaya. Seven years later it was registered again but as the Malayan Stockbrokers' Association, but ...

  • Asia

    Korea Exchange

    In the mid-1990s the Korea Stock Exchange, Korea Futures Exchange & KOSDAQ were combined to form the Korea Exchange (KRX). This merger was conducted according to the Korea Stock & Futures Exchange Act and KRX currently has the distinction of being the largest derivatives exchange on the globe when measured by transactional volume. While the Korea Stock Exchange is the traditional division of ...

  • Personal Finance


    To many who have just recently joined the workforce, retirement is a hazy term that doesn’t have much resonance with their daily lives. This is unfortunate, because now is precisely the time when one should be thinking about their retirement - or at least, planning for it. This doesn’t mean setting aside a pair of baggy shorts and looking for a Sunbelt condominium, of course, but think about ...