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  • Europe

    Oslo Stock Exchange

    The Oslo Stock Exchange (OSX), also known as the Oslo Børs ASA, is the chief share trading market in Norway. Norway's stock exchange was introduced back in 1819 under the name of Christiana Børs. Although at first it did not have a listing or stock exchange, it was a gathering place for investors who would trade foreign currencies, ship shares, ships and commodities. In 1881 the Børs began ...

  • Asia

    Tokyo Stock Exchange

    The Tokyo Stock Exchange, or TSE, is one of five stock exchanges that operate in Japan, and is known to be one of the most important stock exchanges in the world, trading with approximately 1.5 million shares, on average, in a day. Within Japan, the Tokyo Stock Exchange is without a doubt the biggest. The TSE has about 2276 companies listed, both internationally and on the ...

  • Asia

    Tehran Stock Exchange

    The Tehran Stock Exchange was first conceptualized in 1936, with research being carried out with regard to the feasibility of establishing a stock exchange. World War II put the idea on hold, but after the ratification of the Stock Exchange Act in 1967, the Tehran Stock Exchange, or TSE, was officially opened in 1968. During its starting years, the TSE only dealt with ...

  • Asia

    Thailand Stock Exchange

    The Stock Exchange of Thailand, also known as SET, is a trading system that is supported by a securities depository center, clearing house and a securities registrar. Together with a service division that offers assistance on securities information, they form a stock exchange that provides a secure trading environment for both investors and brokers. SET is regulated by the ...

  • Europe

    Russian Stock Exchange

    The Russian Trading System (RTS) was set up in 1995 as the country’s first regulated stock market. At the time of its creation, RTS consolidated regional trading floors in Russia into a single exchange. Today it trades in a complete range of financial instruments. International members of the stock market include CSFB, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Deutsche Bank and others. The RTS Stock Market is ...

  • Asia

    Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

    The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, also known as TASE, was established in 1935 and is the only stock exchange that is available in Israel. The TASE has a broad spectrum of securities trade products of approximately 1100, that include convertible bonds, shares, government bonds, futures, warrants and corporate bonds. The indices that are available are the TA25 Index, TA100 ...

  • Glossary


    NASDAQ – “NASDAQ” stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, an electronic stock exchange established by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) in 1971. The NASDAQ has over 3,200 companies as members and is by far the largest screen-based equity securities market in the USA. The NASDAQ is known for being […]

  • South America

    Mexican Stock Exchange

    The Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, also referred to as BMV or the Mexican Stock Exchange, is the chief stock exchange in Mexico. Located in Mexico City at Paseo de la Reforma, BMV is a private limited company. Shareholders of Mexico's stock exchange are all brokerage firms. BMV trades in debt instruments such as CETES (Federal Treasury Certificates); investment unit bonds, BONDES (federal ...

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    Call and Put Options – Call and Put Options are a class of financial derivatives that take some of the risk out of options trading. By automatically exercising the options contract at set price points, the trader can limit their possible loss or balance out a foreseen loss on another options contract. Chicago Board of […]

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    Day Trading – Day Trading is the practice of buying and selling any of a variety of securities and closing all positions by the end of the trading day. Day traders can and do trade stocks, equity and commodity options and futures, and foreign currencies. Once strictly the province of investment bankers, day trading is […]

  • Europe

    French Stock Exchange

    Previously known as Paris Bourse, Euronext Paris in France is the country’s securities market. In September 2000 the Paris, Brussels (Belgium), Lisbon (Portugal) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) exchanges combined to create Euronext NV.

  • North America

    Chicago Board Options

    The Chicago Board Options Exchange, or CBOE for short, is one of the largest and oldest options exchanges in the world. First established in 1973, the CBOE mediates almost half a billion options contracts each year, involving over 50 stock indexes and 1200+ companies. The CBOE is one of the major national exchanges that call Chicago home, along with the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)and the ...