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    Hongkong Stock Exchange

    The Hong Kong Stock Market (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, or HKEx) has never had easy pickings! The territory has always functioned as a satellite of a major power, and this continues to be the case. However, adversity has built the Hong Kong stock market character, and it thrives through sheer excellence in its investing and trading conditions. It specializes in international ...

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    Asia is a massive continent blessed with an abundance of natural resources facilitating trade within and between countries, giving rise to a need for stock exchanges. The continent extends all the way from the northern regions – most of which fall under the territory of Russia – to the cluster of islands below India such as Colombo in Sri Lanka, the wealthy emirate of Dubai in the United ...

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    Chinese Stock Exchange

    No other stock market can match its potential, yet it lags a long way behind. The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) has been in operation for over a decade, but is yet to match the awesome reputation of the national economy, and that of its host city. Most international investors prefer to route their funds through Hong Kong. Those who have experimented with the SSE, rarely report positive ...