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  • Bull Markets

    A Bull Market is a medium to long term stock market trend characterized by rising share prices. Its counterpart is a Bear Market. While it is usually possible to know the market is in bull mode in real time, often it takes hindsight from the perspective of a market correction or crash to know that a bull market had occurred. For example, in the 1920s market prognosticators were quoted as ...

  • Trading

    It may surprise you to learn that options trading is not a recent development in economics, but in fact has a very long history that goes back nearly to the very beginnings of human economic activity. These early options trades mainly dealt with real estate and the gradual accumulation of land, plot by plot. One more modern example of an “option” might be the decision of a major motion ...

  • History

    Trading in futures may be tightly regulated these days, but such was not always the case. At several points in history, market forces combined with such human natures as hope, greed and panic, have inflated - and swiftly deflated so-called “bubbles”, with the deflation typically much more sudden than the extended build-up to the inevitable crash, or “burst” if we invoke the bubble metaphor.