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    With a few exceptions, the days of open outcry on trading floors may be over, but Stock Market Exchanges continue to play an integral role in global capitalism. Competition between Exchanges is becoming an increasingly interesting phenomenon, and with modern technology making the world into a global village, competition has no geographical borders.

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    Jamaica Stock Exchange

    Jamaica has one principal stock exchange and that is the Jamaica Stock Exchange, which is known as the JSE. The JSE was first founded in 1968 in Kingston, Jamaica and is currently being run by the executive chairman, Roy Johnson at 40 Harbour Street, Kingston. The main objective of the JSE is to promote logical development of the stock market and exchange in Jamaica, ensure high standards of ...

  • Europe

    London Metal Exchange

    Though Dubai has started attempts to educate investors, no stock market can match the London Metal Exchange (LME) in terms of helping investors deal with futures in the materials in which it is involved. Steel and plastics are the two major materials in which the LME has started innovative training and information services. However, the roots of the LME, which stretch back to the 16th ...

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    Ljubljana Stock Exchange

    Established in 1989, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) is Slovenia's main stock and bond exchange corporation. The LJSE has the distinction of being the first stock exchange to be established in a socialist country – it beat Belgrade for the title by just one day. This stock exchange corporation could only be created after two new federal laws had been approved since old Yugoslavian ...

  • North America

    Nasdaq Exchange

    Based in New York City, the NASDAQ Stock Market, referred to simply as NASDAQ, is owned by the NASDAQ OMX Group. NASDAQ has more than 3,200 companies and corporations listed, of which 335 are non-U.S. companies, representing all industry sectors from 35 countries. Through the NASDAQ Global Platform Select Market, companies throughout the world have access to U.S. capital formation, thereby ...

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    Merril Lynch

    As a subsidiary of Bank of America, Merrill Lynch provides a range of financial services world-wide. Prior to being acquired by Bank of America during the financial crisis of 2008, Merrill Lynch was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as a publicly owned company. Following the transition to a subsidiary of Bank of America, Merrill Lynch absorbed the global banking and wealth management ...

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    Cadbury became part of Kraft Foods on February 2, 2010.Brands do not find places on financial statements, which is a real irony! Some of the best listings on every stock market are of companies whose most valuable assets are their brands. Cadbury is such a company, and the corporate name is the most valuable of all! However, the company has made a series of judicious acquisitions over ...

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    Many of us from the stock market community have been guests of Marriott at some time, and very few, if any, will recall our stays with anything less than pleasure. Whether it is for business, a vacation, an event, or a long term assignment which requires us to set up a temporary residence-Marriott has suitable lodgings to suit every purpose.

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    There are many countries in Europe that enjoy some form of global market exchange. Whilst some of these countries have well-developed economies and excellent, well-developed and transparent stock markets, others are still emerging from a period of difficult government and are picking up the pieces of their fragmented economy. Some of these countries – especially those in Central and Eastern ...

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    The stock market may have become so enamored of computer related businesses and information technology, that some investors now neglect traditional manufacturing enterprises. Large physical assets, blue-collar employment, and multi-step production processes, which were once icons of the industrial revolution, are now looked down upon with scorn. Commercial realty has even replaced some ...