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  • Europe

    Lisbon Stock Exchange

    The Lisbon Exchange or as it was known in 1769, the Business Man's Assembly, could be found in a small tower on the eastern side of the Praca do Comercio. It was a century later that the actual Porto Stock Exchange was created. The Lisbon stock exchange went through some bad times in the early 70's, eventually being closed down but on 28th February 1977 all the transactions of all the ...

  • North America


    Located in Chicago, the North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IG Group Holdings based in the United Kingdom. Previously known as HedgeStreet Exchange, Nadex is promoted as a retail-focused, online futures exchange dedicated to traders who are interested in speculation on, or hedging against, event-derivative contracts. Nadex is regulated by the Commodity ...

  • Glossary


    Tracking Error – Tracking Error is a term that refers to the difference between the value of an index fund at a certain point in time and the actual total value of the index fund’s component shares. Triple Witching Days – This frightening term refers to an event that occurs four times a year, on […]

  • Glossary


    Futures Contracts – Futures Contracts are a class of financial derivatives that oblige the purchaser to pay for a certain commodity or security at a set price on a specified settlement (or delivery) date. Futures Trading – Futures trading involves the buying and selling of forward contracts specifying the amount, type and delivery date of […]

  • Europe

    London Metal Exchange

    Though Dubai has started attempts to educate investors, no stock market can match the London Metal Exchange (LME) in terms of helping investors deal with futures in the materials in which it is involved. Steel and plastics are the two major materials in which the LME has started innovative training and information services. However, the roots of the LME, which stretch back to the 16th ...

  • Futures


    You probably know someone who trades in stocks. They may be a day-trader, a long term investor, or someone who just dips their toe into the market from time to time. Perhaps this describes you! When it comes to trading Futures, however, you may draw a blank unless your career involves you in banking and investing.

  • Investing

    Buying On Margin

    Buying on Margin, also known as Margin Buying, is the practice of buying shares or securities using money borrowed from a broker. The amount of the loan may be several times more than the investor’s own contribution- for example $20 from the investor and $80 from the broker to purchase a $100 share of stock. Since the purchased securities themselves are the collateral backing up the loan, ...

  • Exchanges

    Futures Stock Exchange

    Today’s futures trading houses, also known as Exchanges, are in many respects the modern versions of marketplaces where farmers would try and secure buyers for their crops before harvesting. Finding buyers for commodities to be delivered at some future date has become a critical part of our economic system, and specialized futures exchanges have been established to provide a safe, secure ...

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    Futures, in the financial sense of the word, are closely related to Options but with one crucial difference: while Options contracts give their purchaser the right to buy or sell a certain commodity or security by or at a certain date, a Futures contract imbues the trader with the obligation to settle the contract. In this respect, futures contracts entail a certain level of urgency that ...

  • Organizations


    The Options Clearing Corporation, commonly known by the abbreviation OCC, was established in 1973 to provide a secure and stable foundation for the blossoming trade in stock and other options as well as other financial derivatives such as commodity options, commodity futures and security futures. As indicated by its name, the OCC acts as a clearinghouse and a guarantor for these types of ...

  • Options


    It may surprise you to learn that options trading is not a recent development in economics, but in fact has a very long history that goes back nearly to the very beginnings of human economic activity. These early options trades mainly dealt with real estate and the gradual accumulation of land, plot by plot. One more modern example of an “option” might be the decision of a major motion ...

  • Futures


    Futures differ from options in that options contracts provide the purchaser with the “option” of completing a transaction at a set price, while futures contracts oblige both parties to the transaction to settle the contract on the date of expiry. Naturally, this fact may cause people to wonder what they will do when a truckload of fresh pork bellies arrives at their front door, not to ...