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    Russian Stock Exchange

    The Russian Trading System (RTS) was set up in 1995 as the country’s first regulated stock market. At the time of its creation, RTS consolidated regional trading floors in Russia into a single exchange. Today it trades in a complete range of financial instruments. International members of the stock market include CSFB, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Deutsche Bank and others. The RTS Stock Market is ...

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    Vienna Stock Exchange

    The Vienna Stock Exchange was founded in 1771 by Maria Theresia. Known more commonly as the Wiener Börse Ag, the stock exchange is the only securities exchange and listing authority in the country. The Wiener Börse Ag was initially used for trading bonds, bills and foreign currencies but today it is used to trade stocks, bonds, derivatives, certificates, warrants and a variety of other ...

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    Foreign Currencies are traded regularly, usually by large investment banks or institutional investors on the Foreign Exchange Market. This foreign exchange trading is commonly known as Forex or “FX Trading”. In most cases, the values of the world’s currencies are not locked against one another. In fact, their relative values change by the second, and this provides opportunities for long or ...