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    Stock market investors often place faith in business plans made by established business houses, which they may not have supported from a new and independent entity. Segment-wise financial reporting requirements do not always tell full and true stories about contributions from new ventures supported by the vast resource infrastructures of large corporations. We do know that many brand ...

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    The stock market community is generally suspicious of rash statements, but Telecommunication majors have the dubious distinction of getting the better of the most conservative financial circles with some glib talk! The number of subscribers is a much touted statistic, but reflection will show that indeterminate numbers of these do not yield any critical mass of recurring revenue. There can ...

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    Banking - Backbone of the EconomyWhile the definition of a bank may vary from country to country, it is generally defined as a financial institution engaged in banking activities, including accepting deposits, honoring checks drawn against clients' funds, and offering investment funds and loans (which are channeled from the deposits accepted). Moving with the times and technology, the ...