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    Chrysler Group

    With its headquarters in Auburn Hills, Detroit, Chrysler Group LLC was initially formed as the Chrysler Corporation by Walter Chrysler in 1925, operating for a period of time as part DaimlerChrysler AG, before its transition first to Chrysler LLC, and in 2009 to Chrysler Group LLC. Fiat holds a 20 percent stake of Chrysler Group, with the option of increasing this in the future, and Chrysler ...

  • Exchanges

    With a few exceptions, the days of open outcry on trading floors may be over, but Stock Market Exchanges continue to play an integral role in global capitalism. Competition between Exchanges is becoming an increasingly interesting phenomenon, and with modern technology making the world into a global village, competition has no geographical borders.

  • Swaps

    Total Return

    Total Return Swaps are contracts between two parties in which a reference asset or group of assets is used to provide one party with regular interest payments, plus any capital gains (or losses) over the term of the contract. The other party benefits by receiving a set or variable rate of cash flow from the first party. Thus, a Total Return Swap enables one party to receive financial ...

  • Swaps

    Interest Rate

    Interest rate swaps are a type of Derivative transaction in which two participating parties swap, or exchange, positions in interest-bearing financial instruments for mutual advantage. The reasons for doing so are typically that one trader is seeking to reduce their exposure to interest rate fluctuations on the equity they currently own, assuming that equity (a bond or other interest-bearing ...

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    Retirement – Retirement refers to the point in a person’s life at which they stop working and, hopefully, begin to live off of their savings and investments. Retirement should be foremost in the minds of any new investors, no matter how young they may be. This is because the archetypical retirement savings strategy consists of […]

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    Options Exchanges – Options Exchanges are where the buying and selling of options contracts takes place. Most major stock exchanges perform this function, as do smaller, specialized facilities like the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading – Over the Counter Trading in stocks or other financial instruments is conducted directly between two parties ...

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    Futures Contracts – Futures Contracts are a class of financial derivatives that oblige the purchaser to pay for a certain commodity or security at a set price on a specified settlement (or delivery) date. Futures Trading – Futures trading involves the buying and selling of forward contracts specifying the amount, type and delivery date of […]

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    Call and Put Options – Call and Put Options are a class of financial derivatives that take some of the risk out of options trading. By automatically exercising the options contract at set price points, the trader can limit their possible loss or balance out a foreseen loss on another options contract. Chicago Board of […]

  • South America

    Lima Stock Exchange

    The Lima Stock Exchange, also known as Bolsa de Valores de Lima S.A., has its roots in the 19th century commerce court known as the Tribunal del Consulado. This court played an important role in the creation of the country’s Commerce Exchange and so was essentially where it all started. However, the actual establishment of Bolsa de Valores only occurred on 31 December 1860 and operations ...

  • Europe

    Euronext Stock Exchange

    Following a merger of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Paris Bourse and Brussels Stock Exchange, on September 22, 2000, Euronext was formed. The purpose of the merger at the time was to take advantage of the standardization of financial markets under the jurisdiction of the European Union. But this is not where the pattern of change and acquisition for Euronext stopped, and in December 2001 the ...

  • Europe

    London Stock Exchange

    The London Stock Exchange was first founded in 1801 and is currently set up in London, England. Today it is considered to be one of the largest stock exchanges in the world and has many UK companies and overseas listings. Trade in shares was first realized when two voyages needed to be financed: The East India Company voyage to India and the east, and the Muscovy Company's attempt to reach ...

  • South America

    Colombia Stock Exchange

    With offices in Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, the Colombia Stock Exchange, or Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) came about as the result of a merger in 2001 of the three exchanges in Colombia at the time – Bolsa de Bogota, Bolsa de Medellín and Bolsa de Occidente. Today the BVC is registered as a stock exchange promoting the development and market growth of the country’s financial assets by ...