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  • Australasia

    Asia Pacific Stock Exchange

    The Asia Pacific Exchange Limited (APX) is one of the securities exchange groups operating in Australia. Regulated by the Australia Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) APX is required at all time to conduct business in a manner that is fair, orderly and transparent. AIMS Financial Group (AIMS) became a major shareholder of APX in October 2008, providing an essential source of funds ...

  • North America

    Bermuda Stock Exchange

    The Bermuda Stock Exchange, or BSX, first opened for trade in 1971. The BSX is an open market that is completely electronic, dealing with centralized settlement and daily trades. Three of Bermudas’ banking institutions form part of the Bermuda Stock Exchange ownership. It was changed to a limited liability company in 1992, with membership available to any international ...

  • Europe

    Borsa Italiana

    Borsa Italiana S.p.A. is the main stock exchange in Italy. In 2007 Borsa Italiana was aquired by the London Stock Exchange (LSE), with daily operation remaining essentially unchanged. Situated in Milan its chief goal is to develop managed markets as well as maximizing their own transparency, liquidity and competitiveness whilst creating high levels of profitability. As the organization ...

  • Europe

    Swiss Exchange

    The Swiss Exchange, or SIX, is one of the most technologically advanced stock exchanges in the world. And it is for this reason the SIX is the focal point and the main infrastructure in the financial sector in Switzerland. The Swiss Exchange manages and controls the vital links in the market, and provides one of the leading securities exchanges. The focus point in ...

  • Africa

    Mauritius Stock Exchange

    Founded in 1988 and located in picturesque Port Louis, the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) is a private limited company and the country’s principal exchange. The Stock Exchange Act of 1988 established the SEM as well as the Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) charged with the responsibility of regulating stock exchange operations. The SEM is a founding member of the African Stock Exchange ...

  • Asia

    Bombay Stock Exchange

    Located at Dalal Street, Mumbai, India, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is the oldest exchange in Asia, and with more than 4,700 companies listed, it is believed to have the greatest number of listings in the world. Together with the National Stock Exchange of India, the BSE accounts for significant volumes of share trading in Asia.

  • Europe

    Athens Stock Exchange

    The Athens Exchange, also known as the Athens Stock Exchange or ATHEX, is operated and managed by a council that consists of the Athens Exchange vice president and chairman, and one representative from each of the following: Bank of Greece, Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, listed companies, investment funds and brokers’ corporations. Becoming a member of the Athens ...

  • Investing

    Day Trading

    Day Trading is a modern phenomenon that has received an inordinate amount of publicity. The popular picture of a day trader is an average person who buys and sells equities from their home or work computer, bypassing the traditional stock broker and stock exchange establishment. This image appeals to society’s natural backing of the underdog who beats the cigar smoking “backroom boys” at ...

  • Australasia

    Australian Securities Exchange

    The Australian Securities Exchange was previously known as the Australian Stock Exchange, and changed its name in December 2006, but is still referred to as ASX. It is ranked the 8th largest stock exchange in the world, and has listings of approximately 2,000 stocks, with around 99,300 trade transactions moving through the ASX on a daily basis. Trading floors are no longer in ...

  • Exchanges

    Futures Stock Exchange

    Today’s futures trading houses, also known as Exchanges, are in many respects the modern versions of marketplaces where farmers would try and secure buyers for their crops before harvesting. Finding buyers for commodities to be delivered at some future date has become a critical part of our economic system, and specialized futures exchanges have been established to provide a safe, secure ...

  • Africa

    Egyptian Stock Exchange

    Together, the Cairo Stock Exchange and the Alexandria Stock Exchange, form the Egyptian Stock Exchange. Both the Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges are run and managed by the same board of directors, and both make use of the same system for clearing, settlement and trade. Although the exchanges were established separately, the Alexandria Stock Exchange in 1888 and the Cairo ...

  • Investing


    Futures, in the financial sense of the word, are closely related to Options but with one crucial difference: while Options contracts give their purchaser the right to buy or sell a certain commodity or security by or at a certain date, a Futures contract imbues the trader with the obligation to settle the contract. In this respect, futures contracts entail a certain level of urgency that ...