Date Last Updated: July 21, 2019

Tag: electronic trading

  • Europe

    Vienna Stock Exchange

    The Vienna Stock Exchange was founded in 1771 by Maria Theresia. Known more commonly as the Wiener Börse Ag, the stock exchange is the only securities exchange and listing authority in the country. The Wiener Börse Ag was initially used for trading bonds, bills and foreign currencies but today it is used to trade stocks, bonds, derivatives, certificates, warrants and a variety of other ...

  • North America

    CME Group

    In July 2007, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) merged with the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) under the ownership of the CME Group Inc. The following year on August 18, shareholders approved a merger with the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), with the CME Group remaining the holding company. Prior to the merger of these three entities, they had operated individually for many years ...

  • North America

    Chicago Board Options

    The Chicago Board Options Exchange, or CBOE for short, is one of the largest and oldest options exchanges in the world. First established in 1973, the CBOE mediates almost half a billion options contracts each year, involving over 50 stock indexes and 1200+ companies. The CBOE is one of the major national exchanges that call Chicago home, along with the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX)and the ...

  • Investing

    Penny Stocks

    Penny stocks are defined by no less an authority as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as stocks issued by companies with low market capitalization, typically under $500 million. Penny stocks may trade at prices of more than $1 per share, but the SEC uses the share price to categorize them rather than their level of market capitalization. Although penny stocks are sometimes traded on ...

  • Options


    It may surprise you to learn that options trading is not a recent development in economics, but in fact has a very long history that goes back nearly to the very beginnings of human economic activity. These early options trades mainly dealt with real estate and the gradual accumulation of land, plot by plot. One more modern example of an “option” might be the decision of a major motion ...