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  • Equity Swaps

    An equity swap is conducted by two parties with the intent usually being to save costs on a transaction. These costs may be in the form of basic taxes, or other costs associated with the transaction such as locally based dividend taxes. Another reason for companies, specifically those in the US, to engage in equity swaps is to increase the amount of market leverage a trader can exert, which ...

  • I

    IPO – The abbreviation “IPO” stands for Initial Public Offering, which refers to a private company’s conversion to a public company through the issuance of stock. Many IPOs are highly anticipated as investors line up to purchase shares in a particularly promising company with a proven record of market success and profitability. Income Funds – […]

  • D

    Day Trading – Day Trading is the practice of buying and selling any of a variety of securities and closing all positions by the end of the trading day. Day traders can and do trade stocks, equity and commodity options and futures, and foreign currencies. Once strictly the province of investment bankers, day trading is […]

  • Amman

    Located in the country's capital city, the Amman Stock Exchange plays an integral role in the economy of Jordan. Jordan has been a bastion of free enterprise from its very birth as an independent country, and it is seen as an oasis of liberal secularism and is considered to be a worthwhile base for stock market operators with interests in the Middle East. Though Jordan does not have enormous ...

  • Goldman Sachs

    No stock market quarter questions their judgments and valuations. Goldman Sachs is the inventor and a pioneer when it comes to basic stock market conventions that have become universal standards over the last 100 years. Ventures of today which make plans to raise public funds for their business plans essentially use ideas which Goldman Sachs introduced in the early 1900s. The company has ...

  • Intel

    Very few companies come even close to Intel’s ability to make silicon chips with imprints of integrated circuits. The company upgrades its technology with dazzling rapidity. It is far ahead of the competition, and appears poised to stay that way!

  • Walmart

    Statements relating to Wal-Mart which float around in stock market circles, could confuse an outsider in to thinking that it is a country being discussed! Indeed, the scale of operations of Wal-Mart is such that it is almost as though an entire Government has listed on a stock market! The dimensions emanate from its deep penetration of the U.S. market, the vast range of products and ...