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    Korea Exchange

    In the mid-1990s the Korea Stock Exchange, Korea Futures Exchange & KOSDAQ were combined to form the Korea Exchange (KRX). This merger was conducted according to the Korea Stock & Futures Exchange Act and KRX currently has the distinction of being the largest derivatives exchange on the globe when measured by transactional volume. While the Korea Stock Exchange is the traditional division of ...

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    Johnson Johnson

    The stock market may be forgiven for schizophrenic impressions of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). The company’s products save lives, are entirely dependable, and many are gentle enough to use on the new born. However the marketing of JNJ is like the behavior of a ferocious dog, giving no quarter to any competitor!

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    Stock market impressions of Hitachi vary more than normal for most other companies. This could be because of the very different shares the company commands in its various business lines. It is a clear leader in many heavy industries, and highly respected by its industrial clients. However, the consumer business is rather different, and Hitachi's technical product features do not always find ...

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    ConAgra, a member of the NYSE, is a special member of the stock market community. Its name, which is an acronym for ‘Consolidated Agriculture’, says much about how this company stands apart from most of the rest of the stock market. Of the stock market listed companies from the industrial and service sectors, some also deal in grains, sugar and other pure agricultural commodities. However, ...

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    Statements relating to Wal-Mart which float around in stock market circles, could confuse an outsider in to thinking that it is a country being discussed! Indeed, the scale of operations of Wal-Mart is such that it is almost as though an entire Government has listed on a stock market! The dimensions emanate from its deep penetration of the U.S. market, the vast range of products and ...

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    Stock market investors often place faith in business plans made by established business houses, which they may not have supported from a new and independent entity. Segment-wise financial reporting requirements do not always tell full and true stories about contributions from new ventures supported by the vast resource infrastructures of large corporations. We do know that many brand ...

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    The rightful domination of the stock market scene by Finance professionals tends to relegate the customer to the background. Executives provide good news of product acceptance to the stock market more readily than troubling leads on how consumer habits change and drift away from established brands. Indeed, such moves may be so subtle that even companies may be taken by surprise! The ...

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    Stock market investors must wonder if public utilities can ever be run for profit! Civil and electrical engineers and others with specialized knowledge of keeping us supplied with water, electricity, and other necessities of community living, may have little option but to grind on in business, but can investors with arrays of attractive suitors really pick securities of companies in ...

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    While the energy sector of an economy relies primarily on fossil fuels, and this is certainly true of the US, the focus is shifting toward ecologically sound alternative sources of energy. This is in keeping with global awareness of the potential long-term damaging effects of fossil fuels on the environment. This shift toward alternative energy sources may be seen by some as too little, too ...