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    Program Trading – Program Trading is a practice by which computer programs are used to automate the purchase or sale of large blocks of stock when certain pre-set price points are reached. Popularly used by large hedge funds and arbitrage specialists, program trading has been blamed for causing the 1987 “Black Monday” stock market crash […]

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    The stock market may have become so enamored of computer related businesses and information technology, that some investors now neglect traditional manufacturing enterprises. Large physical assets, blue-collar employment, and multi-step production processes, which were once icons of the industrial revolution, are now looked down upon with scorn. Commercial realty has even replaced some ...

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    Why do some initiatives fail to make the stock market grade, while apparently similar ones enjoy unprecedented successes? Experts say that information technology is different in key respects from dotcoms, but lay people may be forgiven for wondering why some computer and Internet use is so profitable, while others seem to have no commercial application whatsoever. Why could the dotcoms not ...