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    With a few exceptions, the days of open outcry on trading floors may be over, but Stock Market Exchanges continue to play an integral role in global capitalism. Competition between Exchanges is becoming an increasingly interesting phenomenon, and with modern technology making the world into a global village, competition has no geographical borders.

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    Proctor Gamble

    Not everyone in the stock market has shares of Proctor & Gamble, but few could have lived without buying and using some of this amazing company’s brands. Proctor & Gamble operates in both the developed world and in third world countries. Its deep and accumulated knowledge of various cultures is a special asset from the stock market perspective. The company has such a large number of its own ...

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    Viacom has a fun goal which is not common in the serious corridors of the stock market. This does not mean that it is a company to take lightly! Indeed, it is one of the top picks on the stock market, given the qualities of its plans, performance and management. Viacom straddles over the entertainment world like a 21st century giant. It has enormous holds on the worlds of cinema and ...

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    The stock market community is generally suspicious of rash statements, but Telecommunication majors have the dubious distinction of getting the better of the most conservative financial circles with some glib talk! The number of subscribers is a much touted statistic, but reflection will show that indeterminate numbers of these do not yield any critical mass of recurring revenue. There can ...

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    Have you ever kicked yourself for not picking a stock market champion in time? Well, you are far from alone if this has been the case, for it is frustratingly common to miss great value appreciation opportunities! Fear of failure keeps the stock market sitting on the fence, instead of plunging headlong in to new avenues to profit. Reports and actual experience of ideas that sound good, but ...

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    Business is War!Strategy is essentially a military concept, and competition may not be violent, but it can be as fierce in its own way, with strife between warring sides! The struggle to gain and hold a customer’s mind is the highest peak to climb, and market share is such a passion that many companies lose money over it.