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    Stock Market Trends in the EconomyThe stock market environment has experienced over a decade of market reforms in countries such as China, Russia, and India, which were excessively and bureaucratically regulated earlier. The effects of such sweeping liberal moves reach beyond national boundaries, since markets are now so inter-related. The best companies now list on more than one stock ...

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    While the energy sector of an economy relies primarily on fossil fuels, and this is certainly true of the US, the focus is shifting toward ecologically sound alternative sources of energy. This is in keeping with global awareness of the potential long-term damaging effects of fossil fuels on the environment. This shift toward alternative energy sources may be seen by some as too little, too ...

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    Why do some initiatives fail to make the stock market grade, while apparently similar ones enjoy unprecedented successes? Experts say that information technology is different in key respects from dotcoms, but lay people may be forgiven for wondering why some computer and Internet use is so profitable, while others seem to have no commercial application whatsoever. Why could the dotcoms not ...

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    NorthWest Airline merged with Delta Air Lines on 31 January 2010.Anyone on the stock market who has taken a Northwest flight is unlikely to be an ardent lover of the airline’s plebian service. Punctuality and safety records may match the competition, and travel agents may offer attractive deals, but the cabin crew measure up poorly against peers from Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, ...

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    What a Mission Statement Means for Stock Market InvestorsA Mission Statement may seem simple and mundane for an outsider after it is done, but it calls for consummate skill to sum up the core values of an organization and its purpose. Top stock market operators always make it a point to study the Mission Statements of companies in which they have strategic investments. It is easy for ...

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    Many stock market investors are also airline customers. Gleaming aircraft, the professional care of cabin crew, powerful brand building through advertising, and the modern convenience of crossing continents in hours, have all contributed to a glamorous image for all commercial airline companies. Frequent travel by business executives and vacation travel for families have become distinct ...

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    Determining WorthOpinions about companies vary widely on the stock market, and more than one view often has merit. It all depends on what you seek from your shares, and the duration for which you plan to stay invested in them. Dividends are obviously popular, but geometric appreciation is also the stuff of many dreams! Each company has its own charms, but not all are on the ascendant ...

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    The spread of management science marks the 20th century. Finance has always been a key element of every organization, but attention to additional functional disciplines such as marketing and human resources, is a relatively new phenomenon. A number of techniques and concepts have been developed by stock market management thinkers and pioneers, which make for more systematic investing on ...

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    Business is War!Strategy is essentially a military concept, and competition may not be violent, but it can be as fierce in its own way, with strife between warring sides! The struggle to gain and hold a customer’s mind is the highest peak to climb, and market share is such a passion that many companies lose money over it.

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    Established in January of 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in Oregon, United States of America, Nike has grown into and International company represented in 170 countries, with over 30,000 employees, and owning a dozen brands.