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    Deutsche Bank

    Stock market conventions do not apply to Deutsche Bank. Analyses of statutory financial statements do not reflect the new dynamism which has begun to permeate this company. Deutsche Bank has a fresh approach to all its global markets, and the prospects in the stock market for such moves are pleasing indeed! Deutsche Bank offers the stock market superior prospects as compared to its peers in ...

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    Daimler Chrysler

    Most stock market investors would place fairly restrictive limits on their exposures to the automobile industry. The business cannot be seen in blue-sky terms, except with respect to flexible engines which can use alternative energy sources. Indeed, blue-collar workers in the United States face their greatest threats from this sector of the conventional economy. Many icons of U.S. industry ...

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    Whenever you need to make an important decision, it is vital to consider all aspects, the pros and the cons. The situation is exactly the same when deciding to invest in the stock market. The options are endless with numerous companies to choose from and options to take into account. Stock Market research is therefore vital to assist you in making the best decision. Research goes beyond just ...

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    Egyptian Stock Exchange

    Together, the Cairo Stock Exchange and the Alexandria Stock Exchange, form the Egyptian Stock Exchange. Both the Cairo and Alexandria Stock Exchanges are run and managed by the same board of directors, and both make use of the same system for clearing, settlement and trade. Although the exchanges were established separately, the Alexandria Stock Exchange in 1888 and the Cairo ...

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    Johnson Johnson

    The stock market may be forgiven for schizophrenic impressions of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). The company’s products save lives, are entirely dependable, and many are gentle enough to use on the new born. However the marketing of JNJ is like the behavior of a ferocious dog, giving no quarter to any competitor!

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    Promoting itself as the "world’s local bank", HSBC has its headquarters in London, with an international network including 8,500 offices in 86 countries and territories in Europe, the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa. More than 220,000 shareholders located in 119 countries and territories hold HSBC Holdings' shares, which are listed on stock exchanges in London, ...

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    Stock market impressions of Hitachi vary more than normal for most other companies. This could be because of the very different shares the company commands in its various business lines. It is a clear leader in many heavy industries, and highly respected by its industrial clients. However, the consumer business is rather different, and Hitachi's technical product features do not always find ...

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    Goldman Sachs

    No stock market quarter questions their judgments and valuations. Goldman Sachs is the inventor and a pioneer when it comes to basic stock market conventions that have become universal standards over the last 100 years. Ventures of today which make plans to raise public funds for their business plans essentially use ideas which Goldman Sachs introduced in the early 1900s. The company has ...

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    As one of the seven largest pharmaceutical companies in the world by revenue and market capitalization, Merck & Co., Inc., continues to be a leader in the research and development of pharmaceutical products in its quest to improve both human and animal health. In line with its goal, Merck publishes a best-selling medical reference book known as the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, more ...

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    Many stock market quarters love to hate companies like McDonalds because we cannot resist their delicious products if no one is looking! But there is much for stock market investors to admire in this company, and we can all learn to manage our own ventures better by studying the way McDonald's does things.

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    Citigroup Inc. is considered to be one of America's "Big Four" banks, the others being Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo. With more than 16,000 offices in over 140 countries, Citigroup has around 300,000 employees worldwide and holds over 200 million customer accounts.

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    Coca Cola

    Best known for its brand leading product, Coca-Cola, the Coca-Cola Company is indisputably the largest beverage company in the world, offering close to 400 brands and 3,000 different beverage types, sold in more than 200 countries and territories. It is estimated that approximately 1.6 billion servings of the Coca-Cola Company's products are consumed world-wide each day.