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  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange

    The city of Frankfurt has the unique distinction of being host to one of the first stock exchanges in the world. Owned and operated by Deutsche Borse, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the third largest trade-place for stocks in the world and the second largest in terms of market capitalization. There are currently about 6823 companies quoted on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the exchange ...

  • India Stock Exchange

    The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is located in Mumbai and was set up in 1993 as India's first ever debt market. Recently the Department of Company Affairs has recognized the NSE as a Stock Exchange. The NSE is only one of a few exchanges in the world to trade all types of securities on one platform that is broken into three segments.

  • Forex

    “FOREX” is an acronym for Foreign Exchange Trading; the practice of buying and selling foreign currency on the world’s many foreign exchange markets. Many people will be surprised to know that the FOREX market is by far the largest financial trading market in the world. Based on the total cash value of all trades, over $1.9 trillion is traded every day on global FOREX markets.

  • AMEX

    Based in Manhattan, New York City, the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) was acquired by NYSE Euronext on January 17, 2008, with the objective of integrating it with Alternext European and branding it as NYSE Alternext U.S. However, in March 2009 the newly formed NYSE Alternext U.S. was rebranded to its current identity of NYSE Amex Equities as part of NYSE Euronext.

  • Budapest Stock Exchange

    The headquarters of the comparatively new Budapest Stock Exchange can be found in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. The new stock exchange replaces the unofficial “Budapest Stock Exchange Index” used when the transition from the socialist to the market economy was taking place. At this present point the exchange contains 20 different stocks. The high of the new stock exchange was 25550.68 ...

  • Toronto Stock Exchange

    The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is owned by the TMX Group and is promoted on the TMX Group website as providing "senior issuers with efficient access to public equity, liquidity for existing and new investors, and the prestige and market exposure associated with being listed on a world-class market." Located in Canada's most populous city, Toronto, the TSX is the largest stock exchange in ...

  • Equity Swaps

    An equity swap is conducted by two parties with the intent usually being to save costs on a transaction. These costs may be in the form of basic taxes, or other costs associated with the transaction such as locally based dividend taxes. Another reason for companies, specifically those in the US, to engage in equity swaps is to increase the amount of market leverage a trader can exert, which ...

  • Warsaw Stock Exchange

    Situated in Warsaw, Poland, the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) began operating in its present form in 1991. Also known as the Gielda Papierów Wartosciowych w Warszawie SA (GPW) in Polish, the WSE is the largest stock exchange in both Central Europe and Eastern Europe. The Warsaw Stock Exchange is essentially a joint-stock company which was created by the State Treasury and has 38 different ...

  • Shenzhen Stock Exchange

    The People’s Republic of China has three stock exchanges operating in the country, one of which is the Shenzhen Stock Exchange based in Shenzhen, China. Between the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges list there are approximately over 1,200 companies, which rivals both Tokyo Stock Exchange and Hong Kong stock exchange. In 1995 the Shenzhen Exchange launched the blue-chip composite index ...

  • Singapore Stock Exchange

    Singapore is home to some exciting, high-technology, and efficiently managed companies. This is a prime attraction for being active on the Singapore Stock Market, for participation in the ownership of listed companies has superior profit and appreciation opportunities.

  • Tel Aviv

    The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, also known as TASE, was established in 1935 and is the only stock exchange that is available in Israel. The TASE has a broad spectrum of securities trade products of approximately 1100, that include convertible bonds, shares, government bonds, futures, warrants and corporate bonds. The indices that are available are the TA25 Index, TA100 ...

  • N

    NASDAQ – “NASDAQ” stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, an electronic stock exchange established by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) in 1971. The NASDAQ has over 3,200 companies as members and is by far the largest screen-based equity securities market in the USA. The NASDAQ is known for being […]