Date Last Updated: August 18, 2019

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    Hongkong Stock Exchange

    The Hong Kong Stock Market (Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, or HKEx) has never had easy pickings! The territory has always functioned as a satellite of a major power, and this continues to be the case. However, adversity has built the Hong Kong stock market character, and it thrives through sheer excellence in its investing and trading conditions. It specializes in international ...

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    Shenzhen Stock Exchange

    The People’s Republic of China has three stock exchanges operating in the country, one of which is the Shenzhen Stock Exchange based in Shenzhen, China. Between the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges list there are approximately over 1,200 companies, which rivals both Tokyo Stock Exchange and Hong Kong stock exchange. In 1995 the Shenzhen Exchange launched the blue-chip composite index ...

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    Shanghai Stock Exchange

    The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) was formed in 1990 and was in operation a month later in the city of Shanghai as the biggest exchange in Mainland China. China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) controls this non-profit making membership institution. The SSE bases its development on the principle of "legislation, supervision, self-regulation and standardization" to produce an open, ...

  • Strategies

    Patent Protection

    The stock market is accustomed to complaints about piracy in China and India. It seems to be a major concern for top corporations in music and healthcare. The matter is also the subject of intense negotiation and lobbying at the World Trade Organization, and when Executive Heads of State meet each other. Most stock market investors are content when told that business is flagging because ...

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    Cadbury became part of Kraft Foods on February 2, 2010. Brands do not find places on financial statements, which is a real irony! Some of the best listings on every stock market are of companies whose most valuable assets are their brands. Cadbury is such a company, and the corporate name is the most valuable of all! However, the company has made a series of judicious acquisitions over ...

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    Chinese Stock Exchange

    No other stock market can match its potential, yet it lags a long way behind. The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) has been in operation for over a decade, but is yet to match the awesome reputation of the national economy, and that of its host city. Most international investors prefer to route their funds through Hong Kong. Those who have experimented with the SSE, rarely report positive ...