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  • Australasia

    South Pacific Exchange

    Companies such as FijiCare Insurance Limited, Foster’s Group Pacific Limited, Amalgamated Telecom Holding Limited, R B Patel Group Limited and Toyota Tsusho (South Seas) Limited are all companies that are listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange. The South Pacific Stock Exchange, or SPSE, is located on the Fiji Islands and aims to become the most prominent stock exchange in ...

  • Europe

    Helsinki Stock Exchange

    Located in Helsinki in Finland, the Helsinki Stock Exchange saw its first transaction take place in 1912. For many years this stock exchange, known as Helsingin Pörssi in Finnish, was run as a ‘free form’ financial institution. However in 1984 it was converted into a cooperative and came under the joint ownership of a variety of banks, traders, companies and associations. The next big change ...

  • Asia

    Singapore Stock Exchange

    Singapore is home to some exciting, high-technology, and efficiently managed companies. This is a prime attraction for being active on the Singapore Stock Market, for participation in the ownership of listed companies has superior profit and appreciation opportunities.

  • Companies

    Nyse Group

    We may be in an age during which exchanges compete strongly for the best listings, but the New York Stock Exchange, now known as NYSE Euronext, stands firm as a stock market which companies strive to list on. Executives consider it a great honor to ring a bell and to start a trading day at the NYSE. This institution represents the best stock market traditions. It is a credit to its host ...

  • Sectors


    Many stock market investors are also airline customers. Gleaming aircraft, the professional care of cabin crew, powerful brand building through advertising, and the modern convenience of crossing continents in hours, have all contributed to a glamorous image for all commercial airline companies. Frequent travel by business executives and vacation travel for families have become distinct ...