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  • Toronto Stock Exchange

    The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is owned by the TMX Group and is promoted on the TMX Group website as providing "senior issuers with efficient access to public equity, liquidity for existing and new investors, and the prestige and market exposure associated with being listed on a world-class market." Located in Canada's most populous city, Toronto, the TSX is the largest stock exchange in ...

  • MX - Montreal Exchange

    Located in Canada's second largest city, with a history going back to 1832, the Montreal Exchange is the country’s oldest exchange. Moving ahead with the times, the Montreal Exchange (MX) is Canada's only financial derivatives exchange, providing expertise in information technology solutions, clearing services and, of course, financial derivatives markets. The MX is owned by the TMX Group.

  • Nafta

    NAFTA is an acronym standing for either the North American Free Trade Agreement or the trade bloc called into existence by the agreement known as the North American Free Trade Area. The NAFTA treaty was signed by the United States, Canada and Mexico on January 1, 1994 after many years of difficult and protracted negotiations, resulting in the creation of a continent-wide free trade area. The ...