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    Pacific Exchange

    The Pacific Exchange was taken over by NYSE in 2006.Once located in San Francisco, the Pacific Exchange is a regional stock exchange for California in the United States. The stock exchange was founded in 1882 as the San Francisco Stock and Bond exchange. In 1957, the Stock and Bond exchange merged with the Los Angeles Oil Exchange to form the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange. The exchange ...

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    San Diego Exchange

    The beautiful state of California in the United States is often thought of as a place of sun and sand or of beautiful snow-covered peaks. It is, in many respects, the nations playground and it enjoys a thriving economy. When it comes to business, the people of California certainly don’t take life lying down and the San Diego Stock Exchange is the state’s main avenue of stock and bond ...

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    Google has become a generic term for searching for something on the world-wide web, regardless of which search engine you may be using. In 2006, both the Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary added the word "google" as a verb. Certainly, no-one can deny the enormous impact that Google has made, and continues to make, on the fast-paced world of technology ...