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    The history of the Boston Stock Exchange (BSE) goes back to the 1830s, when local businessmen were looking for alternatives to invest the wealth they had accumulated through the insurance, banking and shipping industries. As the area developed, it was vital to raise more capital so that the region's businesses and other enterprises could be funded, and so it was that in 1834, the BSE was ...

  • South America

    Colombia Stock Exchange

    With offices in Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, the Colombia Stock Exchange, or Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) came about as the result of a merger in 2001 of the three exchanges in Colombia at the time – Bolsa de Bogota, Bolsa de Medellín and Bolsa de Occidente. Today the BVC is registered as a stock exchange promoting the development and market growth of the country’s financial assets by ...

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    Morgan Chase

    JP Morgan Chase is a world leader in financial services, and has the distinction of being one of the oldest of its kind in the world, with roots going back to 1854 when Junius S. Morgan started his career in financial circles. His son J. Pierpont Morgan took over the reigns, joining forces with Anthony J. Drexel to establish the firm of Drexel, Morgan & Co in New York in 1871. This later ...

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    Amazon.com will always be a star in the history of the stock market evolution. The very audacity of this company's business model is its greatest source of strength. Some veterans are almost wistful as they recall the days when one had to step out to browse through books to buy them. However, Amazon.com does not detract in any substantial way from a shopping experience. On the contrary, it ...

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    Every stock market investor has been in a spot at least once, needing to ensure that a delivery reaches on time, or waiting anxiously for vital documents and articles to arrive. The sight of the FedEx logo is so reassuring for consignor and consignee alike that we take its reliability for granted. It is a truism of the business world that ‘a kingdom can be lost for want of a ...

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    Many of us from the stock market community have been guests of Marriott at some time, and very few, if any, will recall our stays with anything less than pleasure. Whether it is for business, a vacation, an event, or a long term assignment which requires us to set up a temporary residence-Marriott has suitable lodgings to suit every purpose.

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    Proctor Gamble

    Not everyone in the stock market has shares of Proctor & Gamble, but few could have lived without buying and using some of this amazing company’s brands. Proctor & Gamble operates in both the developed world and in third world countries. Its deep and accumulated knowledge of various cultures is a special asset from the stock market perspective. The company has such a large number of its own ...

  • Workplace

    With the proliferation of new investment programs and federal regulations that encourage savings for business owners and employees alike, workplace investment advisors have gained popularity and are fueling radical changes in how retirement planning products are sold and how plans are funded.

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    Viacom has a fun goal which is not common in the serious corridors of the stock market. This does not mean that it is a company to take lightly! Indeed, it is one of the top picks on the stock market, given the qualities of its plans, performance and management. Viacom straddles over the entertainment world like a 21st century giant. It has enormous holds on the worlds of cinema and ...

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    Stock market investors often place faith in business plans made by established business houses, which they may not have supported from a new and independent entity. Segment-wise financial reporting requirements do not always tell full and true stories about contributions from new ventures supported by the vast resource infrastructures of large corporations. We do know that many brand ...

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    Labor is a fly for the stock market community in the ointment of mining stocks. Technological progress only supplements the essential role played by metals and ores in our lives. No base metal has been done away with in any significant measure, as a result of new industrial processes - on the contrary, the use of alloys for specialized materials has increased in many fields. Companies with ...

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    High Tech

    21st Century BusinessTechnology has always been a key stock market driver. Some of the most enduring ways to create value emanate from new abilities to fulfill unmet needs. Research and Development has always been an evolutionary function, alternating between dramatic breakthroughs and continuous but marginal improvement. There are three 21st century trends that have begun to spawn new ...