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    Located in Chicago, the North American Derivatives Exchange (Nadex) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IG Group Holdings based in the United Kingdom. Previously known as HedgeStreet Exchange, Nadex is promoted as a retail-focused, online futures exchange dedicated to traders who are interested in speculation on, or hedging against, event-derivative contracts. Nadex is regulated by the Commodity ...

  • Mergers Acquisitions

    Are we blinded by the publicity blitz which hits the stock market whenever there is some Merger and Acquisition activity? When did you last see a Net Present Value comparison of acquisition versus an organic growth alternative? Could the objectives of acquisition have been met through a strategic partnership? Has an executive team or a promoter taken off on an ego trip with your money?

  • Cadbury

    Cadbury became part of Kraft Foods on February 2, 2010. Brands do not find places on financial statements, which is a real irony! Some of the best listings on every stock market are of companies whose most valuable assets are their brands. Cadbury is such a company, and the corporate name is the most valuable of all! However, the company has made a series of judicious acquisitions over ...