Egyptian Stock Exchanges

The Egyptian economy is reliant on its gas exports, tourism and oil. The agricultural sector concentrates mainly on beans, sugar beets, rice, wheat, onions, sugarcane and most importantly, cotton. Due to export demands, Egypt has started  directing its agricultural efforts towards vegetables, flowers and fruits. Egypt’s largest export markets are the Middle East, the U.S., Japan and the EU.  Products exported to these countries include cotton, manufactured goods, petroleum, textiles, vegetables, clothing and fruits.

Imported goods such as petroleum products, machinery, food, wood products, transport equipment, chemicals, paper products and beverages are imported mainly from Japan, the EU and the United States. The USA is one of Egypt’s biggest wheat export markets, together with soybean products and corn. Egypt’s natural resources include talc, zinc, limestone, iron ore, manganese, asbestos, natural gas, phosphates, lead and gypsum.

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