The Latest Stock Market News

Whether on a local, national or international level, daily events created by forces in politics, business, or weather affect our personal lives and investment decisions. These events, and other factors, cnm either drive markets into selling or buying frenzies or lull buyers and sellers into predictable buying and selling patterns and narrow trading ranges.

Whether these factors contribute to subtle or profound impacts on world-side capital and financial markets depends upon the how the overall capital and financial markets react to the News.

Reaction to political or commercial news or events can have a simultaneous and rippling effect as the world economies have become so interdependent that news of local events can have a profound and material impact not only on the country affected but also in the global marketplace. Understanding and being appraised of such News undoubtedly affects both the professional and casual investors that require up-to-date and accurate news to make informed business decisions.

With access to global information resources, as well as in depth analysis on commodities, foreign-exchange, energy, and geopolitical events, we provide readers not only with unique perspectives and highly provocative stories on financial matters but we do so with reliable real-time news and daily stock market features that keep you current with a solid analysis of the events that shape individual and institutional investment decisions for bulls and bears alike.